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Ireland Companies with Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 (How to Apply)

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Education centre brings you the jobs in Ireland for foreigners. Ireland was the ONE who Sponsored Maximum Visas to Foreigners in 2022. Are you a Foreigner Looking for Job Opportunities in Ireland? This Post will guide you through a List of the Top 50 Ireland Companies Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023. These jobs in Ireland for foreigners can be applied by all nationalities.  Irish is one of the countries with a Big Job Market. Because it is in Europe and also it is attached to UK. So, that’s why there are many of trade and work between UK and Europe. All Irish Jobs come with Visa Sponsorships.

During the current situation, it is hard to Find a Job in any other country. But with the right guidance and resources it is possible. Irish Visa Sponsorship Jobs are open to non-European Union citizens. Covering a broad range of Markets such as industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, IT, and engineering. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are job opportunities for everyone.

We have provided the Ireland Work Visa Process 2023 for Jobs and Internships. Check here

List of Top 50 Ireland Companies Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 

  • Job Location: Ireland
  • Facilities: Visa Sponsorship Jobs
  • Who can Apply: Anyone with the right qualifications.

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Two Types of Ireland Work Permits

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit
    • For High-Skilled Workers). Such as ICT, Healthcare, IT, and Engineering.
    • You must have a Job offer for this Visa.
    • However, you don’t need Visa Sponsorship.
  • General Employment Permit
    • General Jobs that are not covered in the Critical Skills Employment Permit
    • Visa Sponsorship is Required.

Minimum Wage for the jobs in Ireland for foreigners

The minimum wage in Ireland has been increased from 1st January 2023.

  • For those aged under 18, increased from €7.35 to €7.91 per hour;
  • For those aged 18, from €8.40 to €9.04 per hour; and
  • For those aged 19, from €9.45 to €10.17 per hour.

So, are you Ready to see a List of 50 Irish Companies that offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023? Let’s get started.

Top Companies in Ireland Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023

Below is a list of Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Non-EU Nationals in Irish companies and a short description of a company and their website address.

  1. Hubspot Ireland (It is a Software Company). They have a high number of non-European employees.
    1. Visit: www.hubspot.ie
  2. Workday Ireland (Enterprise Cloud Application)
    1. Visit www.workday.com
  3. Abtran (Provide Business Services to Public and Private Sectors)
    1. Visit: www.abtran.com
  4. Voxpro (Leading Tech Support Company)
    1. Visit: www.voxprogroup.com
  5. PQR (Health Care Services)
    1. Visit: www.pqr.com
  6. LMN (Manufacturing Company)
    1. Visit: www.lmn.com
  7. EFG (Hospitality Company)
    1. Visit: www.efg.com
  8. HIJ
    1. Visit: www.hij.com
  9. SCU
    1. Visit: www.stu.com
  10. VWX (Construction Company)
    1. Visit: www.vwx.com
  11. The Taxback Group
    1. Visit www.taxbackgroup.com
  12. QWE
    1. Visit: www.qwe.com
  13. Carttrawler
  14. Eblana Photonics
  15. Aryzta
  16. Westbourne IT Services
  17. Dublin Aerospace
  18. Carne Group
  19. Sonalake
  20. Aspire Technology
  21. VoxPro
  22. BNRG Renewables
  23. Datalex
  24. Eirgen Pharma
  25. Enbio
  26. Gempool
  27. Iconic Translation Machines
  28. IIS Group
  29. TTM Healthcare
    1. Visit: www.ttmhealthcare.ie
  30. PAQ IT Solutions
  31. Oradeo Recruitment
  32. Goshkwak Aviation
  33. Episensor
    1. Visit: www.episensor.com
  34. EMIT
    1. Visit: www.emit.ie
  35. Clearstream Solutions
  36. Bond Personnel
  37. Irish Shipping and Transport
    1. www.irishshipping.com
  38. Wright Insurance Brokers
  39. Coyle Groupo
  40. Aspire Technology
  41. Greenlight Medicines
  42. Maigen
  43. Simtech Aviation
  44. 3D Technology Limited

Some Major Big Companies in Ireland that offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

  • Intel Company
  • Apple
  • Meta Jobs
  • Google
  • Microsoft
    • 1,790 visas have been accepted in 2022 alone.
  • Amazon (4,774 visas accepted.)
  • PWC’s Jobs

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone with the right qualifications can apply for Jobs in Ireland
  • These Jobs require a qualification if you have one.
  • There is no restriction on nationality.
  • If the Orish company offered you a Job it means your job is confirmed now they will apply for an Irish Work permit for you. So, it is Now Visa Sponsorship Job.

How to Apply for the Ireland Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023?

All the list of the Ireland companies is given above as their website links. Go through each website and you can apply online from their website. Upload your Europass CV. If you do not have. Make your Europass CV online. I hope you got the information and the List of the companies.

Education centre wishes you all the best.


List of Visa Sponsored Companies Jobs in the Netherlands-2023

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