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University of Ottawa International Scholarships 2024 in Canada

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Ottawa University Scholarships 2024 in Canada are now open for International students from all around the world. The University offers different scholarships for Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., Graduate Diplomas, and Short Programs. It is a great chance to avail the Scholarships at Ottawa University. The university is well known for its quality education and established learning environment.

The need for more funding is a constant battle for students, and Ottawa University has come to the rescue with their International scholarships 2024. Ottawa University makes a variety of International scholarship programs available for students who need assistance in paying for their education. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed so get in touch with Ottawa University today.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to find institutions that offer Scholarships in Canada, especially in Ottawa. Luckily, Ottawa university has made strides to reduce the financial burden of higher education for international students by offering scholarships to bachelor, masters, Ph.D., microprograms, short programs (under six months), and graduate diplomas (under two years). The University of Ottawa is a public research university located in downtown Ottawa, Canada. The University of Ottawa is one of the top-ranked and most prestigious universities in Canada that not only educates its students but also prepares them to specialize in their areas of interest. Students should have a strong academic background in order to apply for Ottawa University Scholarships 2023.

Ottawa University Scholarships 2024 Short Summary:

  • Scholarship Host Country: Canada
  • University: University of Ottawa
  • Course Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Eligibility: International Students
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

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Benefits of Ottawa University Scholarships 2024 in Canada:

The University of Ottawa offers a number of scholarships to both Canadians and international students for full-time undergraduate and graduate study. Applicants will be automatically considered for some of the scholarships offered by the University of Ottawa. The following is a description of the most generous scholarships offered by the University of Ottawa.

Undergraduate Scholarships:

  1. University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship: The amount of stipend varies between $1,000 and $4,000.
  2. French Studies Bursary: This scholarship awards $1,000 per year to students enrolled in direct-entry faculties or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law program, for four undergraduate years.
  3. Bursaries for Postsecondary Studies in French as a Second Language: Providing financial assistance of $3,000 to students enrolled in a program taught in French.
  4. Professional Training Scholarship: Awarded to students enrolled in the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, the Faculty of Education, or the Faculty of Medicine, MD Program (with a maximum award of $1,000).
  5. President’s Scholarship: The award amount is $30,000 ($7,500 per year) or $22,500 ($7,500 per year) if you are pursuing your law degree through a civil law program. Applicants must have fluency in English and French. This scholarship may be renewed for three years.
  6. Chancellor’s Scholarship: The scholarship is worth $26,000 ($6,500 annually).
  7. Merit Scholarship: Up to $1000 for each term of full-time undergraduate study.
  8. Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Merit Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded to International students in the faculty of Engineering. 35 scholarships are available. Its value is $4,000 to $5,000.
  9. Faculty of Engineering Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to seven female students enrolled at the faculty of engineering. This scholarship is worth $2,000.
  10. Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Scholarship: A total of 16 students will receive this scholarship. The value of the scholarship is $11,500.
  11. Faculty of Social Sciences Dean’s Excellence Award: The award is valued at $1500.
  12. Faculty of Social Sciences Jean Chrétien Scholarship: The award is valued at a minimum of $5,000.
  13. Fleur de Lys Admission Scholarship: The value of this scholarship is $10,000 ($2,500 per year).
  14. Faculty of Arts Dean’s Merit Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to students in the Faculty of Arts. Ten scholarships are offered and they are renewable. The scholarship is valued at $4,000 ($1,000 per year) for four consecutive undergraduate years.
  15. Student Mobility Scholarship: The value of the scholarship is $1,000 for one term, and $2,000 for two terms.
  16. Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship: The value of these scholarships differs from program to program and is offered to international students.
  17. Entrance Scholarship for African Students Studying in English: The amount varies based on the course of study undertaken by the student.
  18. Excellence Scholarship for African Students Studying in English: These scholarships are awarded to international students who are citizens of African countries and their value varies according to their study program.

Master Scholarships:

  1. Admission Scholarship: The scholarship is valued at $7,500 per year.
  2. Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to international students attending Ottawa University. The amount of the scholarship depends on the degree program you are enrolled in.
  3. Special Merit Scholarship: The scholarship amount and the duration may vary.
  4. Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS): This is a scholarship available to female applicants. The value of the Master Degree Program is $25,000 with a $1,000 research allowance.
  5. Mitacs Globalink Fellowship

PhD Scholarships:

The following list provides a list of PhD scholarships available at Ottawa University Canada.

  1. International Doctoral Scholarship: Applicants that do not receive waivers of tuition are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Admission Scholarship: The scholarship amounts to $72,000 over a period of four years.
  3. Special Merit Scholarship: The scholarship is available to international students. Scholarship amounts may vary.
  4. Mitacs Globalink Fellowship
  5. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship: One of the most prestigious scholarships on offer by the government of Canada. For More information, Click Here.
  6. Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS): The scholarship is valued at $35,000 plus $2000 towards research.

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Eligibility Criteria of University of Ottawa Scholarships 2024:

There are many scholarship opportunities available to students at the University of Ottawa. Therefore, eligibility criteria would vary from program to program and scholarship to scholarship.

Application Deadline for University of Ottawa Scholarship 2024:

Due to the Different types of scholarships offered by Ottawa University, the application deadlines for these scholarships may vary. Please check official website.

Deadline for Undergraduates is 1st April 2024.

Deadline for Graduates is 1st February 2024.

How to Apply for University of Ottawa Scholarship 2024:

  • Students must apply online by visiting the official website.
  • There are some scholarships offered to students that do not require them to apply separately for these awards.
  • Each student must create an account online and remember his/her login ID and password.
  • Students should fill out the application form for the program they want to study and upload all the required documents.



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