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Cisco Youth Leadership Award 2024 | Global Citizen Prize

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Cisco and Global Citizen have come together for a unique initiative. The Cisco Youth Leadership Award 2024 is an international prize recognizing some of the world’s most inspiring youth leaders from around the world. Founded through a collaboration between Cisco and Global Citizen, the aim of the Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership award is to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of a young individual who is making a positive impact on the world. This leadership award aims to showcase the influential contributions of young people in advancing the United Nations’ Global Goals and to advance solutions to global challenges. So, if you are passionate about ending poverty and have done some work in the field, you must read till the end and apply before the deadline for the Cisco and Global Citizen 2024.

Having said that, Global Citizen, a dedicated action platform working towards eradicating extreme poverty, collaborates with individuals who take action, offering rewards such as event tickets and digital experiences with artists and influencers. Policymakers on the platform have the goal of ending extreme poverty and are accountable for their commitment. The Cisco Global Citizen prize is an exceptional opportunity for young leaders to positively impact the world through technology and innovation, while also inspiring others to do the same. Moreover, the winner of this international competition will receive cash award of $250,000, which is paid to the organization that benefits from the recipient’s impactful contributions. Hence, this financial award is a great recognition of the work young leaders are doing around the globe.

Similarly, the Global Citizen prize 2024 is a prestigious award that celebrates the efforts of individuals aged 18-30 who have actively contributed to ending extreme poverty. Furthermore, the Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award 2024 seeks to inspire a new generation of leaders  to address global challenges, particularly those related to poverty reduction. Cisco and Global Citizen both share the belief that young people globally are at the forefront of creating and implementing solutions to achieve the Global Goals and accelerate global problem-solving. Therefore, this shared conviction has led to the creation of the Cisco Youth Leadership Award. The Global Citizen initiative has encouraged 33.8 million actions since 2009 and has had a significant impact on 1.29 billion lives in the pursuit of removing extreme poverty. Do you also want to achieve this and become a global citizen? If you do, you would not want to miss this opportunity.

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Judging Criteria:

  • Global Citizenship: Representing the values and spirit of a global citizen and problem solver on a global scale.
  • Impact: proven measurable impact at scale over the past 3-5 years in advancing one or more Global Goals.
  • Vision: A compelling vision and detailed plans for extending work in the next 3-5 years, emphasizing how the prize will support these efforts.
  • Catalyst: The ability to inspire and serve as a catalyst for other young individuals to contribute to the achievement of Global Goals.
  • Technological Innovation: Integration of technology or internet-based communications at the core of all initiatives to improve efficiency, broaden reach, and increase overall impact.
  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: December 15, 2023

Eligibility Criteria for Cisco Youth Leadership Award 2024:

  • Entry into the Cisco Youth Leadership competition is open to individuals ranging from 18 to 30 years of age by 31 December 2023.
  • People from all around the world are eligible to apply for the 2024 Global Citizen Prize.
  • The selection of entrants will be based on their individual merit and the organizational strength they exhibit in advancing one or more of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
  • Moreover, individuals must have positively contributed to ending poverty.
  • Prize finalists must agree to accept and distribute the prize funds to the organization on behalf of which they applied.
  • The competition is categorized as a game of skill, with the winner selected based on the creativity and qualifications presented in the entries.
  • The competition is governed by the laws of the State of New York.

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Benefits of the Cisco Youth Leadership Global Citizen Prize:

  • The Global Citizen competition includes a substantial cash award of USD$250,000. Hence, providing significant financial support and acting as an incentive.
  • Up to five prize finalists will be chosen for the Cisco leadership competition.
  • In addition, the competition in USA offers the chance to become a Global Citizen and inspire others.
  • Being selected as the Prize Winner offers high visibility and recognition on a global scale, enhancing the recipient’s reputation as a leader in youth-driven initiatives.
  • The recognition and association with the Cisco Youth Leadership Global Citizen Prize also offer networking opportunities with other influential leaders, organizations, and stakeholders.
  • Similarly, by aligning with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the prize strengthens the impact of youth-led initiatives in addressing global challenges.
  • The Prize Winner of the Cisco award and their organization gain exposure through media coverage. Further promoting their efforts and encouraging support for their cause.
  • The recognition serves as an inspiration for other young leaders, encouraging them to actively engage in eliminating poverty.

Documents Required:

As a part of the application, applicants must submit the following,

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Short video (1-2 minute long video explaining why you are worthy of the award)
  • Proof of organization’s registration details (certificate of registration)

If shortlisted as a finalist, you must submit the following,

  • Letters of endorsement/recommendation (3)
  • Supplemental information
  • A letter or video of endorsement (on an official letterhead. Video should not be longer than 2 minutes)

Application Process:

  • How to apply for the 2024 Cisco Youth Leadership Award?
  • Do you want to be the next Cisco Youth Leadership Award winner? Click on the ‘apply now’ button below to apply.
  • Carefully review the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet all the requirements of the Cisco Youth Leadership Award.
  • Fill out the application form and submit all necessary documents/videos.
  • All applications will go through evaluation based on the judging criteria.
  • 5 shortlisted finalists will be contacted around 2 February 2024.

Application Deadline for the Cisco Youth Leadership Award and Global Citizen Prize:

  • The deadline to apply for the Cisco Youth Leadership Award is 15 December 2023, 5:00 PM PT.



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