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Finland Seasonal Work Permit 2024 (Types of Seasonal Permits)

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Non-European Nationals can apply for a Finland Seasonal Work Permit if their work is in the field of agriculture or tourism and is tied to a certain season. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the Finland Seasonal Work Visa Process, the types of permits for seasonal work, and a detailed list of seasonal Jobs. You can work from 3 to 6 months or a maximum of nine months during twelve months. The salary must be at least €1,399 per month (as of 31st March 2024).

The Finnish Immigration Service has received 1,894 applications in 2021, 1,289 in 2022, 1,205 in 2023, and 652 applications received for seasonal work during the year 2024. According to the Statistics given by the Finish Immigration Service. As a seasonal worker, you must apply for the appropriate work permit. The step-by-step application process and the types of permits are given below.

Types of Finland Seasonal Work Permits

The term ‘seasonal work permit’ refers to a seasonal work visa, a certificate for seasonal work, or a residence permit for seasonal work.

Which seasonal work permit you need to apply for depends on the duration of your employment.

  1. Seasonal work visa
  2. Certificate for seasonal work
  3. Residence permit for seasonal work

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Finland Seasonal Work Visa

If you are coming to Finland to work for a maximum of 3 months and are from a country that requires you to get a Visa to enter Finland you should submit your seasonal work visa application.

2) Certificate for Seasonal Work

Suppose you are coming to Finland to work for a maximum of 3 months and coming from a country whose citizens are not required to have a visa. In that case, you should submit your request for a seasonal work certificate to the Finnish Immigration Service.

3) Residence Permit for Seasonal Work

If you are coming to Finland to work for more than 3 months and a maximum of 9 months then you need to apply for a residence permit for seasonal work from the Finnish Immigration Service.

What Counts as a Seasonal Worker?

A detailed list of seasonal Jobs:

Branches of Agriculture: Crop and animal production and related service activities, excluding hunting and related service activities, and forest cultivation and other forestry activities.

Branches of Tourism: Accommodation and food service activities, ski resorts, tour operator activities, other reservation services, and related activities, such as tour guide services, activities in amusement parks and theme parks, support activities to performing arts, coastal passenger water transport, and inland passenger water transport.

Examples of work that counts as seasonal work

  • Picking of garden berries
  • Raising and care of dairy cattle
  • Raising and caring for pigs
  • Employment at a fur farm
  • Work associated with forestry and silviculture
  • Gathering of cones for seed production
  • Work associated with accommodation or restaurants provided that the company’s activities are seasonal
  • work as a tourist guide or wilderness guide
  • work as a ski instructor.

Please check what counts as seasonal work in Finland.

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Requirements for Finland Seasonal Work Permits

Extention of a Permit

The good thing is that once your residence permit is going to expire, you can extend the work permit from within Finland. You can apply for an Extended permit for seasonal work

Job Requirement

  • For Seasonal Work Visa: A job offer is NOT required for 3 months. You can apply for the Schengen visa.
  • Certificate for Seasonal Work: A confirmed Job offer is required.
  • Residence Permit for Seasonal Work: A confirmed Job offer is required.

Application Process for the Finland Seasonal Work Permit

Each type of seasonal work permit has its application process and requirements. The Links are given below.

Please go through the links below for helpful information on Finland’s Seasonal work permits.

Best wishes.

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